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Windows character set 1251(Cyrillic) ASCII to EBCDIC convertion table

Can someone tell me where I can find ASCII to EBCDIC convertion table for Cyrillic 1251 Windows character set?
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I don't know of one myself, but to make one is not that difficult.
I presume that you mean the EBCDIC Russian code page 1025, whose contents can be viewed, inter alia, here :-


The 1251 Windows code page can be viewed here :-

ANBURAJUAuthor Commented:
Thanks BigRat.

By the way, I need to convert all the text in the communication buffer from its ANSI Cyrillic 1251 to the equivalent EBCDIC character format, before I send this buffer to IBM Mainframe application. There could be some ready references that could have been used by someone. My search on the net gives me either one or the other character sets, nothing on the convertion data.

It would be of great help if someone points out some URLs to get the required conversion data.
In which programming language?

Pseudo code :-

cp1251_to_cp1025 : array[0.255] of Char;

cp1251_to_cp1025[0] = 0;

You must look up the charcater in the cp1251 and search for it in 1025 and then set the entry to the EBCDIC code value.

for i from 0 to BuffLeng-1 do
   outBuffer[i] = cp1251_to_cp1025[inBuffer[i]];

The main work is writing down the table by hand.

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