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Big problem with priv.edb

I have a big problem.

I ran out of space. The priv.edb was 5.7 GB. This was compressed. The total amount of free space is 4,42 GB.
Now i defgrag the priv.edb on another server with enough free space. Now the priv.edb is 5.6 GB. Not impressed but smaller.
Now i said that the file was compressed. But now when i want to copy the file back via explorer the exchange server says : there is not enough space!!!!!

2 questions:
1. How can i copy the file back without having this message?
2. Better solutions will be (but i do not know if it is possible) the have the priv.edb stored on anathor (file)server with enough free space. Can i tell my exchange server that the priv.edb is on another location (thus on another server)

1 Solution
You will have to clean up the space on your system (and if you have quotas on the system, you need to put an exclusion in there for the owner of the file (take ownership as Administrator).  Something has to be chewing up your space.

I would never ever ever ever put a an .edb or .stm file in a compressed folder.  However, if it works for you, it works.

As for location of the file on another system, no, not to my knowledge.

rvromansAuthor Commented:
At this moment i have placed an other disk in the server.
(Lucky that i have a citrix server with raid configured. I got one out and put this in the exchange. Now i am copying the priv.edb back to that drive (assigned to G:\). Than i will try to tell with the perfwiz.exe that the information store is now on the G drive. I hope this will work....
See the following:
XADM: Event ID 116, Service Database Corruption

flyguybob is correct that you should not compress an Exchange database. You are just asking for trouble. If it hasn't caused you problems yest, it will in due time.

Here is what I would do to get it back on the G drive.
1. Stop the Information Store service.
2. Rename the MDBDATA folder to MDBDATA.SAVE. Create a new MDBDATA folder. Do this on all drives.
3. Start the Information Store service. New, empty databases will be created.
4. Run Perfwiz to move these to the new drive.
5. Stop the Information Store service.
6. On the new drive rename the MDBDATA folders to MDBDATA.EMPTY. Create new MDBDATA folders.
7. Copy the PRIV.EDB from the location you defraged it at into the appropriate MDBDATA folder. Move the PUB.EDB from the MDBDATA.SAVE folder into the appropriate MDBDATA folder.
8. Start the Information Store service. You should get a -1011 error. If so then open a command prompt and change to the EXCHSRVR\BIN folder and run the following:
9. Start the Information Store service.
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