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GroupWise 6.5 on XP - no address books

I have an XP workstation shared by four employees that split receptionist duties. The workstation uses the GroupWise 6.5 client for email and the NetWare 4.90SP1a client. Each user has a Windows login that matches their NDS login. Each user can login, view and send emails, but none of their address books show up on this workstation. They have no problem viewing and using their address books when they are back at their desks on their primary computer.

Any good ideas on how they can use their address books at this shared workstation?
Henry Rohlfs
Henry Rohlfs
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I assume each user is logging into their own GroupWise account.
If you go into the Address Book utility and choosing File|Open Book, can you add the missing address books?
Is the GroupWise client running in Caching mode by chance?

The Address Book functionality of GroupWise works almost as a separate program. Its quite possible for the GroupWise Client to be working (i.e. users can log in, read E-Mail, make appointments, etc) but the Address Book component not function (symptoms will probably include auto-complete not working).

If that seems to be the case, close down GroupWise (including Notify) and re-install the client. If the problem persists, try removing the client, rebooting, and then re-installing. Nexic also makes a low-cost GroupWise Client Remover that's very effective in hunting down Registry entries that can mess things up.

If auto-complete works, and what's happening is that the users are simply not seeing their Personal Address Book (but the System Address Book appears), then make sure Windoze Messaging shows up in installed software for all the users.

The Windoze login ID has no bearing on GroupWise. Its the NDS login ID that GroupWise will use.
It sounds like the Windows Messaging Service (WMS) install is corrupt/conflicting.

* Go to Add / Remove programs, uninstall Windows Messaging
* Then run the Nexic Client Removal tool (It's actually a free download --> http://www.nexic.com/download/gwcr.html
* Then run the GroupWise installer.
* When the Windows Messenger wants to restart, you must restart it before going further. I've had problems when I didn't restart.
* Then when you log back in, it should automatically continue the install of the GW Client. If not, run the installer again, and it will start the client portion of the install.

Then your Address book and Client should work just fine.

I've actually been able to break the address book by changing the Default Profile in the Control Panel < Mail < Show Profiles... to be set on Outlook (if it's installed). There are a few steps to make this work:
* Click on the "Always use this profile"
* Change that to "Novell Default Settings" from whatever it was besides that (typically Outlook)
* Then click back on "Prompt for a Profile to be Used"
* Then click OK

It needs to be set on Prompt for profile (if you want to use both Outlook and GroupWise apps), and "Novell Default Settings" needs to be the active selection (in any situation). Simply changing the Active / Default selected to Outlook, even though it's on prompt for which profile to use, it will break the address book and require a reinstall.

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Henry RohlfsAuthor Commented:
Your answers got me thinking, so I tried a couple of different ideas. I'm wishing I had a more up-do-date version of ZENworks so I could try the new function of creating Windows users on the fly. Budget constraints won't allow that, so here's what I tried:

Windows AutoAdminLogon method:

I first created a single administrator login called "Receptionist" and did the registry hacks outlined in Novell's <a href="http://support.novell.com/cgi-bin/search/searchtid.cgi?/10052847.htm">TID-10052847</a> to allow users to log into NDS while Windows defaulted to a single logon. The user would still need to log into GroupWise separately, but I thought that would be just an inconvenience at best. My old problem was still there -- users could send and receive email, but no address books would show. (BTW Bill, nearly the entire File menu is disabled, so you can't open or create any address book, including the default system book.) So this method was a no-go.

Windows users/passwords that match NDS users/passwords:

What a pain to set those all up! I uninstalled GW, used the cleaner, then reinstalled GW under one of the usernames. In this case, all users could send/receive emails, but the username I used to install GW was the only one that showed address books.

Aha! That got me thinking about how GW's address book program is fairly separate from the main GW program, which PsiCop mentioned in his post. I first tried to reinstall just Windows Messaging, but that did not cure the problem. I then tried to reinstall GW over the currently installed copy while logged on as each user, without uninstalling first. The install program didn't try to reinstall Windows Messaging, just did the usual GW client install.

Eureka! The address books showed up and all accompanying functions returned. Apparently there are some client components that are installed in a user's configuration somewhere, though I couldn't figure out where, nor could I find any documentation on where the client installs itself.

Bottom line:  create Windows users that match NDS users and completely install the GroupWise client for each user.

Thanks to all for the advice. As far as points go, I'm awarding them to PsiCop since he first gave the uninstall/install idea and got me thinking about the stand alone nature of the address book program.

Yeah, having ZENworks and Dynamic Local Users (DLU) would have avoided that. Glad you found the exact solution, and thanks for the points.
FYI, EE has added a GroupWise TA --> http://www.experts-exchange.com/Applications/Groupwise/
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