VB.Net app w/ Crystal Reports XI Deployment Project Error: "Property 'Keycode' is non-nullable"

Hello Experts! I am trying to create a deployment project for a VB.Net (2003) application that I developed that uses Crystal Reports XI. I have downloaded the merge modules for Crystal Reports XI and included them in the set up project. Crystal Reports XI is properly licensed on my development PC, but when I try to build the set up project, I receive error: "Property 'Keycode' is non-nullable". Anyone have a clue how to fix this???
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cyberdevil67Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Without adding the registration key into the merge modules, you will not be able to compile these modules into your application.

Click on the merge module crystal regwiz and the open the merge module properties that should be sitting at the top in the properties window. And it should have a License Key field that you need to enter the license key into.
did u add the product number code to the reg module????

mcascinoAuthor Commented:
That's what I needed to do. The field was KeyCode. Thanks!!
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