Is there any point in buying SATA drives at this point?

I'm deciding whether to buy a SATA drive for my new motherboard, but I keep thinking about something I read on Tom's hardware: (to paraphrase) there's no point in worrying about the difference between 133 MBps and 150 MBps throughput when there are no hard disk drives that can saturate an interface above around 60 MBps.  First, I'd be interested in where I can get the facts on actual drive throughput.  I've checked Western Digital, PC Magazine, this and other forums and just general searching on the Web and I can't find a chart for comparison or even what look like actual figures for throughput.  Does anyone know where I can find this out.

Of course, this is the first mobo I've had that had RAID 0 and 1 built in so that's a consideration.  Meantime, I'm just a guy who needs to know.

Thanks in advance!
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Well, sustained speed it roughly 60MB/s... but, burst speed when you are reading from the cache can be up to 150MB/s... but very very short duration. I would think going to S-ATA is better, but very marginal.  Now, there is S-ATA2... with Native Command Queueing and you'll need a hard drive that supports this feature to get even more performance... like the maxline 3 mactor drive with 16MB cache.

The SATA cable is smaller too... makes the cable management easier.  IDE is old stuff now.  I use S-ATA drives in all my new computers... altho it's a fuss sometimes to load the SATA drivers when installing windows.

So do the S-ATA... the interface burst speed is faster

Just on personal experience, I just bought a new 3 gig processor and there is a marked difference between when I used a sata and a pata drive.  It was enough of a difference to relegate my pata as a backup storage medium.  Whooo more speed!

Be wary though sata drives are a bit more tricky than pata as windows doesn't have inbuilt drivers for them plus its a question of whether they will work with win xp 64 out imminently.

My advice is wait a month or so, then speed yourself up
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SATA drives can give an improvement over PATA drives, and since they don't have much of a price difference and the cabling is smaller, SATA is a logical choice.

tom12gaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the comments, but I have to give the points to J-A-L who answered the throughput question.  I'd still like to know where I can find objective throughput and burst numbers on various types and speeds of drives.
Download a program called HD Tach.  It gives comparisons between all the different drives.
It is from Simpli Software... it's free... then click on Graph Data :-)

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