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Decoding/Encoding DVD videos

I recently bought a Hitachi DVD-RAM camcorder (http://www.hitachi.ca/forhome/DZMV550A.html), and I want to be able to play around with the video files in Adobe Premier 6.0.  The camcorder stores files in a .vro format, which can basically be renamed to .vob and played using PowerDVD.  So far, the only way I've figured out how to do this is by:

1.  Using GreatVideo! to convert the .vro file into a file that Quicktime understands
2.  Using Quicktime to extract the audio (because the audio is "squeaky" otherwise...can't figure this one out)
3.  Opening the original .vro file in VirtualDub-MPEG2, and take the extracted audio from step 2, and encode as an uncompressed AVI file (as well as deinterlacing the video).
4.  Import that file into Adobe Premier

Does anyone know of a simpler way to do this?  I heard of others having nightmares, working with this clunky .vro format that the Hitachi camcorders are using.  If I could simply get the audio to not have that high-pitched squeak, then everything wolud be fine.  I'm guessing it's a translation problem or something, and GreatVideo! is the only thing that's able to interpret it, as well as PowerDVD.  If I open the video in VirtualDub and play it, the squeaks are still present.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2 Solutions
My suggestion is to use mpeg2 works to demultiplex the .vro or .vob file into mpeg2 file. Adobe Premiere works very well with mpeg2 files.
impact-dentalAuthor Commented:
Any programs similar to this for Windows OS?

you're probably dealing with an AC3 encoded audio stream.
Check http://www.doom9.org/index.html?/audio-guides.htm to find guides and free tools to transcode AC3 into something more useful for editing like uncompressed PCM/WAV.
While Womble VCR (despite its acronym) is a (good but strange) MPEG-Fileeditor/-cutter and DVD-lab [pro] is a (great) DVD authoring tool, they're problably "overkill" if you have Premiere and just want to edit the original streams. Once you're done, you may have a need for some app like DVD-lab to put them on a DVD.

If you don't want to spend (too much) money to simply *demux* the .vro/.vob files into their "elementary streams" (mpeg-2 video, audio), there's a large collection of such tools at doom9.org to do this:
such as bbTools (command line), VobSplit, or VobTools, and BeSweet to do the audio-transcoding. I suggest using BeLightGUI which handles the command line tools coming with BeSweet. Unfortunately these tools have very few documentation, so you should search the Guides section @ doom9 or videohelp.com.
Here you'll also find VobRator (http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=Vobrator) which is pretty handy for demuxing individual streams from VOB files. They alsoo mirror the same tools and have a bunch of useful guides, too.

And yet another swiss-army-knife (commercial) converter $30: http://www.avsmedia.com/videoconverter/index.aspx

Just a hint: doom9 is mainly focussed on "DVD ripping" and encoding, not editing "original content" like you cam-corder sources, so don't get confused by the huge amount of tools presented there. Try to restrict yourself in downloading every tool the claim to be necessary.
In essence you'll need one good and handy MPEG/VOB demuxer (check out the ones I mentioned above) and BeSweet for the audio stuff and maybe VirtualDub[mod] to transcode the elementary MPEG-2 videos into uncompressed AVIs for easier editing in Premiere.

Have fun, and happy demuxing.

Oh, forgot to mention, that BeSweet can directlyload AVI and VOBs to extract the audio streams and save them in any of the supported audio formats, so you only nee a demuxer to get the video streams from the VOBs for Premiere.

Here's a less irritating list of download links for BeSweet (maintained by a doom9 moderator):
get:  Besweet Installer 1.0.20041016 -- actual Besweet (complete) + DS-Filter
and:  BeLight 0.22 beta1  -- new GUI for BeSweet by Kurtnoise
opt:  BeSweet GUI v0.7b8 -- Latest GUI for BeSweet from DanniDin

install all into the same directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\BeSweet
The "original" BeSweet GUI req. some too-depth knowledge of the underlaying tools, but the default profiles are ok.

Have fun,

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