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Linksys wireless router g connection.

We bought a linksys wireless router with a g band for a conference room. I need to know what is the best way to connect this without causing a slow down to a work station.

Is it possible to connect directly to the server (is this advisiable) and what is the danger of this?

At the moment I have it connect to a work station ( a desk top computer), on the work station the internet connection seem to work fine at it's regular speed but the intranet speed have drop tremendously. Is there a way to improve this?

Any thought and/or idea are much appreciate.

3 Solutions
What you would ideally do is connect your linksys router directly into your network over UTP 100MB connection. Then your wireless laptop/desktop would use WEP to connect to the router and then route to your local intranet. With a "G" router at 54MB you shouldn't experience and network slow downs unless you are moving huge$ files.
perennialAuthor Commented:
What about security...will the router security be enought?
I work for a medical reference laboratory and we are using WEP, changed the channel of the router, and are NOT broadcasting the SSID and is that is secure. Like anything in life, if someone REALLY wants in, they are going to get in. For the real world, this works great.

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If you simply want wireless access in the conference room, here's what I suggest.
Turn off DHCP on the Linksys
Plug it into the LAN using the 'uplink' LAN port, NOT the WAN port.
Give it an LAN IP address on your internal network so that you can access the web page
Disable SSID broadcast
Change default SSID from "linksys" to something that does not represent who/what you are (I use DietCola or something equally ambiguous, and case sensitive)
Enable WEP encryption, or WPA would be even better.
However - there's always a "but" in there, huh - if you are going to have visitors or open access on this wirless, then you need to seriously consider using a separate VLAN for the wireless that is firewalled off from your local LAN.
We're doing it the cheap and easy way... unfortunately.  We got our local Telco to give us one of their plane jane normal DSL lines and we've hooked up the Linksys wireless to the DSL - so, the wireless for the conference rooms are TOTALLY off our internal network and have Internet access.  Then, if some of our people want access to our network, they use their VPN client on their wireless device to come into the network, as if they were remote.
perennialAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much for all of your input.

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