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Status bar showing up with Windown XP SP2

Here is my situation.

My application launches Modal windows with the following command.

showModalDialog ( URL,  URL, "dialogHeight:45px;dialogWidth:310px;status:no;help:no;scroll:no") ;

Before I was on SP2, the modal window launches fine, without the status bar. However, once I installed SP2, the status bar appears eventhough I launched the window with the "status:no" command?

Can anyone give some insights on how to eliminate the status bar with SP2?
1 Solution
I believe if you read the list of changes in SP2 you'll see that was added on purpose and it can't be disabled.

It provides the client with more control over pop-up windows which have been abused by developers and spammers, which prompted the change.


This is true.

I am however able to force open windows using this function i wrote and use quite successfully.

 s= "no" ;
 var popUpWindow = null;
 var undefinedVariable;
 var undefType = typeof undefinedVariable;

 function pop(url,w,h,s){
  if (popUpWindow!=null) {
            var windowHasBeenClosed = (typeof popUpWindow.location == undefType ) ;
       if (!windowHasBeenClosed ){ popUpWindow.close();
       settings="resizable=yes,toolbar=no,scrollbars=" + s + ", width=" + w + ",height=" + h + ",status=no"; popUpWindow = open(url,"g", settings);
 if ( navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE")==-1 ) {

This particular script also checks for an already open window... and closes a previously opened one.
gvijay1Author Commented:

I am a little confused. The javascript you provided above can actually hide the status bar in XP SP2?  Besides, how is this different from a regular window.open()? I am just wondering why this would suppress the status bar?
.. if you add the site (URL) to the IE Trusted Zone, then the STATUS will behave as required.

This has a good summary of all the XP SP2 changes for developers:

If you can't get ride of the status bar, why not set the message in the status bar to a space which willl show an empty statusbar?

you can do it with the javascript command "window.status"

you can use it in the body
<body "onload="javascript: window.status=' '">

and you can use it in OnMouseOver/OnMouseOut/OnmouseDown events

<a href="<yoururl>" onmouseover="javascript: window.status=' '">
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