I ghosted a red hat 9 box and put the drive into another system and when it starts loading it stops with text - GRUB

I ghosted a red hat 9 box and put the drive into another system and when it starts loading it stops with text - GRUB
Is this fixable?
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macker-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Older versions of Ghost do not support GRUB properly, and grub (or lilo) needs to be reinstalled after the ghost.  It's also possible that the drive map changed such that GRUB is no longer working, but I'm guessing the former.  IIRC, Ghost 7.5 does not support GRUB and Ghost 8.0 does.

You'll need to boot from a rescue cd environment, chroot to the mount drive, and install grub or lilo.

Assuming you're using redhat CD's for the rescue, enter rescue mode (follow the instructions when booting off the CD.. I believe F5 for the rescue screen), then once it's booted up "chroot /mnt/sysimage"

To install LILO (Ghost compatible), "mv /etc/lilo.conf.anaconda /etc/lilo.conf && /sbin/lilo".  To reinstall grub, "grub-install /dev/DEVICE_NAME" where DEVICE_NAME is the hard drive (e.g. /dev/hda, /dev/sda, etc.); check the output of "mount" before doing the chroot.
Mike R.Commented:
I had the exact same problem using Mondo to image a linux system.  Wesley Chen gave me the answer at this link!


Another option would be to boot from the original hard drive with the ghost copy as a slave drive.

At the console run grub to enter the grub shell.
$> grub

Then set root as the ghost copy.
grub>root (hd1,0)
                 ^ Change as necessary.

Then setup grub on the ghost copy.
grub>setup (hd1)
                  ^ Change as necessary.

As long as /boot/grub/ or /grub/ exists on the device you set a root, with menu.lst, stage1, stage2 and your file system stage1.5 in the directory, it should all work out OK.    
Glad to know my post help.

Another way to rebuild the Grub if you don't have floppy drive.
(Macker has mentioned) Here is the details:
Boot the clone disk machine from RedHat 9 first CD and type
boot: linux rescue      ("linux rescue"  and enter.  boot: is the prompt)
chroot /mnt/sysimage
/sbin/grub-install  /dev/hda

Then it will re-install Grub in MBR.

For disk clone, I'll always have boot floppy (I created from the original system) and bootable Linux CD on hand
for in case.....
Mike R.Commented:
Always try to give credit due :-)
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