Terminal Server Issue

Hi guys ive got a little problem..

I just activated a terminal server and everything seems to be working ok.

Logging into the terminal server seems to be not a problem but, if you have a look at the terminal server licencing snap-in it shows it has 20 cals but even if 4 people log in i doesnt show that it has issued 4 liscences..But they can log in!!

Anyone else had this type of issue before??
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That's normal...
If you have set your CAL to per device, it won't show ur connections...
However when you would set them per user, you will the the number of CAL's issued.
Than again per user is better as the CAL is released as the user logs off, and thus counts the number of concurrent users.
If you set your CAL's per device, they are not released and on some point you'll end up without available CAL's..

Hope this helps you out.
Waht type of CAL do you have ?? ( Per User or Per Device )

Best Regards !
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