Looking for a tool/utility that can remove users from Active Directory

We have are using a third party application that automatically creates a user in active directory when we add a user to the application.  The problem is, that when we use the application to remove the user from the application the user is left in AD.  If we go to add the user to the application again the application fails because the user alrady exist in AD.  The developer's recommend work-around/fix is to manually use AD Admin tools in 2003 toremove the user.  Well ya, that works but is obviously a multistep process we would like to avoid because we could potentially be adding and removing nunerous accounts in a given week/month.

The application does have a web servce that we can use to use XML to add the accounts to the application and AD, but of course their removal command again falls short and does not remove the user from AD.  We make calls to that from our custom app to add users to the 3rd party application.

What I am looking for is another webservice or component that I can use from within our custom application (using VB.NET) to make a call to the AD server and remove the user from AD.

I would have to believe that this has already been done, but I can't find any references to it anywhere.

Help is needed!


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Hi Scott,

Microsoft puts many vb tools on there website, take a look at:

This is a site where they tell you how to remove a user with vb (you have to rebuild it to your needs).

If you browse to http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/default.mspx you will find the homepage of the scriptcenter of Microsoft.

Hope this will help you.

Use the "dsrm" or "dsmod" utilities for Deleteing or Modifying Active Directory objects.  They can be found in the 2003 Resource Kit.
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