Connection WinXP to Win98 computer

I have got two computers(Laptop Winxp,Desktop win98) on the network ,sharing the DSL connection through a linksys router.The laptop uses wireless and the desktop is wired.I wanted to tranfer some of the files from the win98 computer to my laptop.How can I do that ?If the question had already been asked, pardon me  for posting it again.I tried searching for it but did not find any.

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if both comptuters are in same network i dont know where is then the problem i think u jst find that desktop computer by serach option in windows also u should share ur documents in network .. plz explain in detail ur problem is not clear
reachganeshAuthor Commented:
Hi Khurrm,
Thanks for the information.Actually,there was a problem with the router ,so it wasn't displaying the other computer in the network.But now,it works.Anyway ,thanks for the reply and I am accepting your answer.

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