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Is that a must to create a CNAME or IP address or just MX record will be fine?


I owns a domin name call    XYZ.com   .

Recently,  I got to create a subdomain   and maps to a mail hosting company (called  ABC.COM)
their mail hosting server is thepc.ABC.COM

The subdomain I create is   mit.XYZ.com  .

My plan is such that email sending to mit.XYZ.com  can be collected at my mail hosting company at their server thepc.ABC.COM.     Therefore my email will be having the syntax of  user01@mit.XYZ.com

My  DNS entry looks something like this :-

       mit.XYZ.COM        MX    thepc.ABC.com

Can I just end here?

or do you think I should also create a CNAME, so that my email system will work find?

     mit.XYZ.com     MX        thepc.ABC.com
     mit.XYZ.com    CNAME   thepc.ABC.com

Please advise.  is it a msut to add in that CNAME entry,  or need not   at all.

thank you.
3 Solutions
Nope. There is no need.
The MX entry tells the mail system that the Mail eXchanger for mit.XYZ.com is thepc.ABC.com - this means that any SMTP servers sending mail to thepc.ABC.com will look this up and connect to mit.XYZ.com, as you require.

I CNAME record states that mit.XYZ.COM is an alias of thepc.ABC.com (Canonical NAME).  Now this may be required if you are using thepc.ABC.com as the server name in your mail clients, as your mail clients would need to connect to the ISP server to retrieve the mail - but they would not be looking for MX records when they perform the lookup.  However, if all your clients are set to look at mit.XYZ.com to receive their email then this CNAME is not required.
www.abc.com        IN CNAME  abc.com
abc.com                IN A <IP OF WEBSERVER>
mit.abc.com           IN A     <IP OF thepc.abc.com>
abc.com                IN MX 10 mit.abc.com

that should be a basic DNS entry for you to use.


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