Acceptable email size usage

I have a customer who insists on sending 200MB files through exchange!! I have setup an FTP server but neither himself or his staff have bothered to use it!! (these large mails are causing havoc with exchange + they only have a 16gb store)
I have told him all mails above 10meg should be sent by FTP (he seems to think I am pulling the wool over his eyes as before I took over his site he was sending 200meg files via email)
Can anyone point me to a technical document (preferably from Microsoft) that outlines what the acceptable email size is to be sent through email is so I can show my customer.

Thank you in advance !
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At its root, this is a social problem - not really a technical one. To keep your email servers operating in a manageable state, it is a generally accepted practice to not use email as a bulk file distribution and retention service.

On the other hand, if the end user finds out that it can be done, he or she will use it for that purpose. Once that ability has been taken away by force (enforcing a quota or such), the user is not likely to adapt well to the change.

As you appear to be in a service provider / customer relationship, and are in the position where it is necessary to take an existing privilege away, here are a few options:
1) Ask politely (to the entity with authority to make a change) until a change is made.
2) Send the customer written notice that you are implementing a size restriction for emails, or that you to be enforcing an existing one. Give the customer 30 to 60 days, as well as an easy alternative way to do their job. Enforce the quota.
3) Drop the customer - despite common beliefs, not all customers are right for your business.
4) Lie and tell them that it is 'due to security concerns' or some other ambiguous claim. Be sure to have them verify some publicly available information (address, company name, or such) at the beginning of the call.

Disclaimer: Not all of these are good ideas. Implement at your own risk.

Closest I found was:

The Messages tab sets the parameters of the incoming and outgoing messages that the virtual server deals with, as shown in Figure 6. By checking the Limit Messages box you can limit the maximum size of each incoming message and the maximum total size of the messages that a client sends in a single session. The default values, 2048KB and 10240KB respectively, are a little too restrictive for serious email usage within a company, especially if the employees need to send or receive big attachments. For this example, I'd change the limit for single messages to 8192KB and the limit for a single SMTP session to 20480KB.

Hope this helps,

its common sense depending on your net connection too.
I work for an ISP and we have set the limit to 20MB
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