changed cpu ... no bios reading!?!?!?!

hey everyone... i have a GIGABYTE GA-81G1000 Pro  motherboard... with an intel celeron 2.4ghz cpu.... ijust upgraded it to an 865 chipset 2.8 ghz HT P4 cpu.... but... now the system doesnt even recognize the CPU!!!!  what gives?  i just cold switched the cpus... is that the right way to do it?  do i need to redo the bios or something?  no idea... HELP!!!  
  i am using windows xp
as far as i know the cpu and mobo are compatible.. am i wrong?
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As long as the processors are have the same socket types (478) and the motherboard supports both processors then great.

When you say it doesn't recognise the CPU, do you mean in the bios or is there no POST screen?
What happens when you put the Celeron back in? Does it boot fine again?
Check the pins on the bottom of the P4 to make sure you didn't bend them when it was installed.
If you can boot with the celeron, go online and download the most recent version of the bios installed.

here is a list of supported CPU's for your board:

This is where you can download a bios update:

It could be that the processor is faulty but not likely.
alenknightAuthor Commented:
thanks... that should do it... i will try those things at home... i cant say you fixed my problem... cause i am not at home... but by what you said.. i can narrow the stuff down to whether the cpu is faulty or not.  thanks.
No trouble. I hope you get it all sorted.

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