How to assign a drive letter in Win XP (Embedded edition) without using Disk manager?

I have a system that runs Windows XP Embedded Editoion. I installed a new harddisk which shows up in in the devicemanager. However when I fire up the MMC (Computer Management (under 'control panels, Administrative Tools') and I go to 'Storage' there are no further options there. In other words, where I expected to find 'Disk Mangement' and would have been able to mounth the drive by assigning a drive letter I didn't find anything.

Oh, I was logged in as Administrator, so I had the necessary rights.

Any hints on getting this fixed or assigning a drive letter in an alternative way would be much appreciated.
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The Embeded feature is something modular and I think you wont find many features the regular XP has. I think I found something for you that might be helpful:

Good luck

Make sure the Local Disk Manager Service and Logical Disk Manager Administrative Services are running. Also see this
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Take a look at this Microsoft Knowledge Base article:;en-us;307844
scontreras2Author Commented:
Ok, thanks for all the replies. The system is at a customer's. Will test asap and feedback results here.
Very easy;

1. Click Start => Run... and type 'cmd' and press 'Enter' to enter command prompt.
2. Type 'diskpart' and press 'Enter' to enter the diskpart drive management utility.
3. Type 'list disk' and press 'Enter'
4. Type 'select disk <the number of the destined drive>' and press 'Enter'.
5. Type 'assign letter = <type the desired drive letter>' and press 'Enter'.
6. Lets make a party...

If you cant enter the diskpart utility than you may suffer from the lack of permission...

scontreras2Author Commented:
Hi everyone,

I tried all the above and nothing worked. The  Local Disk Manager Service and Logical Disk Manager Administrative Services were running. Still the Diskmanagement was not available under 'Storage' in the MMC.

Than I tried all the commandline solutions to mount de disk or assign the driverletter: MountVolume and diskpart were not recognized as commands.

Could it have to do with the fact that the system is Windows XP Embedded edition? What is that anyways? Is that some slimmed down version on Win XP?

This is really driving me nuts. I need to add that extra drive and there seem to be no way to do it.

Any suggestions?
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scontreras2Author Commented:
no, it didn't. I cannot in any way mount the drive.
I think I would need to post install the drive manager to the existing system. Is that possible?
Please close this question or award points :o)
Any update for us??
I know this post has been dormant forever, but I needed to "expand" the use of my HP t5730 and this is where I would up.  I didn't find my answer here but this was a key jumping off point.  That being said here is my dilema and how I solved my problem.  Do with it as you will.  

It is important to note that it is possible to rewrite all the entries in the registry that point XPe to the temporary storage on the RAM drive.  However, the simplest solution is to simply change the Z: drive from the RAMdrive to a USB stick or other secondary storage device.

The RAMdrive is too small to install newer internet download packages like adobe, dotnet, etc.  I can temporarily reroute the TEMP folder to a USB stick by changing the environement variables, but it is too labor intensive to use network wide.  Likewise redirecting the entire registry is also a nightmare.  

First, insert any USB drive big enough to do the job under the Administrator profile.  Once it is assigned a drive letter we can swap it with the RAMdrive.  Under the following registry key you can change the drive assignments just like in the disk management snap-in.  It simply requires a reboot.  


The values don't have to be changed just rename the entry to the new asignments.  For instance, if you wanted the D: drive to be Z:

"\\DosDevices\\D:" just needs to be renamed to "\\DosDevices\\Z:"

Reboot and viola.  BUT with the ramdrive active on Z: you won't be able to make this assignment unless you force the RAMdrive to use something else.  Like....


Reboot and life is good!

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