Switch from timeline to script?

This is a really dumb question, so I'll apologize in advance.

I have created a flash animation using the timeline feature of Flash. I want to switch it to using the scripting feature as that should allow me to use more frames, and thus increase the overall quality of the animation.

Is there any way to convert, or to view the Flash generated script and modify from there, or do I have to start over?

Thanks in advance...

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I would need to see the fla, not the swf, but if have that there, just provide the link so it can be downloaded.

For fadeins and fadeouts and motion tweening, it is a simple enough thing to do action script wise -

on a clip to be faded, you convert it to a movieclip (if it hasn't already been), give it an instance name (or leave it in the library and set the linkage identifer to export for action script - probably the best way)

then on the _root time line, in its own keyframe, add this code, assuming the linkage identifier name of the mc is 'mymc_mc'
this._alpha +=5;//fading out would be this._alpha -=5;
this._x +=5;//moves the clip to the right across the screen

and to remove the movieClip when you are done:

This is very simple of course - and just provides the idea - not necessarily the functionality for your purposes.
I will take a look when/if you upload.


It would be a case of cut and pasting the various frames of the animation into several different mcs (and using attachMovie/loadMovie, and removeMovieClip/unloadMovie to position the animation dynamically), using static images for backgrounds, reusing the various elements of the animation to decrease file size etc.
It really depends on how complex the animation is and what exactly you need to do with it - but if you upload the fla for us to view we may be able to give some more accurate pointers on how to rework it.

VeeVanAuthor Commented:
The animation itself really isn't that complicated. It's just a couple of fade ins and outs and motion tweens. The challenge is, I didn't set it up with enough frames per second, and now, in order to create a smoother motion, I want to make the animation take up more frames and significantly increase the frames per second. If there's an easier way to do this, I would love to hear about it.

Also, the animation is currently residing on my server. Where should I upload it for you to view?

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