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Hi, I have a Marketing database in which are 2 tables, one called "Purchases" and the other called "smsout". I have a query called "promo" which extracts all records from the cellular number field called "SMS" from the "purchases" table. The query as seen below is based on those customers who have bought items from a particular category:

FROM Customer INNER JOIN purchase ON Customer.ID = purchase.[Customer ID]
WHERE (((purchase.Item) Like "Flowers"));

My question is this, I would like to create an Update/Create query that would transfer the results of the "promo" query into a new table called "smsout1" with the following fields:
* "From" - which would be automatically populated with my contact number (i.e. 07958356777) for every record in the new table.
* "To" - which would be where the numbers from the promo query would be extracted to.
* "Message" - which is the message I would be sending to them.

I have tried to create an update query for this with no joy.
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Simon BallCommented:
save a copy of the promo query as "mktable_promo"

Change the query to a make table - and give it the table name you want

 and add new field names with an expresson.

i.e. from:"07958356777"
message:"insert message here"
in new columns.

there query sql will look like:

SELECT Customer.SMS as To, "07958356777" as From, "insert message here" as Message
into your_table_name
FROM Customer INNER JOIN purchase ON Customer.ID = purchase.[Customer ID]
WHERE (((purchase.Item) Like "Flowers"));

eventually though you might want to create you own table with, id, from and message.. so you can add this in to the query and specify the ID you want for your from and message value.
Simon BallCommented:
many thanks.

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