kernell32.dll missing


I am running 98SE with all current updates (as at 21 April, 2005) PIII 900MHz 319M DDR RAM.

Just recently I tried to install Acrobat Reader V7 and Tweak98 from the same CD and I get the following messages:

The TWEAK98.EXE file is linked to missing export KERNELL32.DLL:GetDllDirectoryW.   and at the same time
a device attached to the system is not functioning

I never receive an invalid page fault or have problems on the web with IE.  I searched for the so called kernell32.dll in my hard drive but could not locate it.  Is this the problem, if so where can I download it from??

I ran Simmtester and everything seemd ok.

Can anyone help me with this problem.


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LeeTutorConnect With a Mentor retiredCommented:
Assuming that it is really kernel32.dll and not kernell32.dll, you might try extracting a fresh copy from your Windows installation CD (or the copy of it you have on your hard drive, usually in a folder called Windows\Options\Cabs, if you have it). Use the System File Checker to do this: click Start, Run, type in SFC, hit the Enter key or click the OK button, choose the option to Extract one file from installation disk, type in the name of the file, click the Start button in SFC dialog box, on the next screen choose the "Restore from:" entry (browse to your CD, or to your copy of the installation .cab files on your hard drive in a location like C:\Windows\Options\Cabs, if you have such a folder) and set C:\Windows\System as the "Save file in:" entry and then click the OK button.
blue_zeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You didn't find it because you probably typed it incorrectly, it should be KERNEL32.DLL.

AFAIK Acrobat Reader 7 doesn't run in Win98.

And the error message is very uncommon, probably related to the software you are trying to install rather than Windows.

But I'll look around for some further info.

mapaeAuthor Commented:
Thanks Blue_Zee, thanks Lee,

You were Blue_Zee when I put in the correct spellig I found the kernel32.dll in C:\Windows\System.

So Zee, basically what you are saying is the Acrobat Reader doesn't run in WIN 98SE.

But why can I not install the other program?

Just a short while ago when I tried to load the kernel32.dll from the CD, incase something had happened to the original kernel32.dll it asked me if I wanted to replace the existing one I said yes but got the message: Cannot access kernel32.dll as it is being used by another process.

Hopefeully we can put an end to this one.

Thanks very much
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Did you use the SFC tool suggested by LeeTutor?

Can you try it in Safe mode?  (Hold down the Ctrl key as the computer boots up until you get the Windows Startup Menu, which gives you starting in Safe mode as one of the options.)  If that doesn't work, take a look at this MS article:;en-us;129605
How to Extract Original Compressed Windows Files
Cannot access kernel32.dll as it is being used by another process. This means that the file is in memory. As mentioned try to do it in the safe mode.

Now if you cannot do it in the safe mode because kernel32.dll is in use then, reboot your pc
Click rapidly on {F8} button until the dos menu shows up
Choose c:\ prompt
Insert your cd rom
Go to the device letter where the cd rom is located
Type cd win98

The /a caused the command to look through all the cabs
/L C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM location where to place the file
BASE4 where to start looking for kernel32.dll
mapaeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help guys.

Everything is working fine now.  I didn't need to install the kernel32.dll again as it was already there.  The issue was with the software I was trying to install from the CD.

After some searching I also found asBlue_Zee suggested that Acrobat Reader does not run on WIN98SE.

The SFC was great coz I didn't know about it and now have a refernece point.

Thanks also for you input Gonzal.

Cheers :->

Thanks, glad we could help, to some extent at least.

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