Outlook E-mails contains .wmz and .gif attachments

If one of our co-workers sends mail to, we receive the mail body but also attached are various .wmz and .gif files (Usually 2 Gif’s and 6-7 .wmz files).

 We have surmised that the .gif files relates to her signature (which contains an image of the Company Logo) but the .wmz files (Which also we found out are Windows Media Player Skins) still bugs me. These files range in size of about 7-10 KB and are a pain to keep on downloading.

I have recreated the signature but still when she sends mail we receive these files...I have even copied my signature (that works fine from my Pc) and edited it to her name but still no luck. I have even tried using Rich text format only...

Any idea how we can stop these files from being attached?    
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Check the Options/Mail Format on her client's settings:

Compose in this message format: HTML

Do not use MS Word to edit or read (check boxes below)

Alternatively, you could place her signature in an email template (html) that she will use as default stationery, and find out if this fixes the problem.


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