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Posted on 2005-04-21
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Last Modified: 2013-12-15
I have two identically configured HP LaserJet 4100 devices set up as a print pool.  One of the devices occasionally gets an error when trying to print a pdf file.  It's usually a 49.4C02 service error, sometimes after printing a single page the following error results:  
ERROR: typecheck


A quick fix is to have users print to the "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer", then print the resulting document to the printers.  Both devices have 32 MB of RAM and show no other signs of malfunction.  Any ideas?
Question by:timkubit

Accepted Solution

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ID: 13835676
First print a copy of the Menu Map at each printer Toggle the Menu button to Informations Menu.
Toggle the Item to Print Menu Map
Press Select button
Return to the Information Menu and toggle Item to Print configuration
Press Select button

Compare the outputs for any differences



Expert Comment

ID: 13835713
Match the Menu Map seclections between printers.
Ensure the network protcols a setup the same. You will have differences at the device level identification (Address, MAC)

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ID: 13835887
If those do not get you back on track we may have to be a bit more drastic
49 is a communication error this could be hardware or firmware
It is nice having 2 identical machines. You may want to switch the RAM and Firmware chips to see if the error moves.
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Assisted Solution

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ID: 13839001
The error you are getting is a PostScript error. Basically the printer is saying that it's been sent an invalid command. In this case, the data it has been given for the "restore" command is not of the correct type.

As it only happens on one of the printer, it could mean that the failing printer has some invalid data stuck in its non-volatile memory. That happens sometimes with PostScript printers, and probably will not show on the config sheet. The best way to clear it is to do a "cold reset". Turn the printer off, an power up holding down the GO button.

Note that a cold reset will also clear the printer's IP address. Either remove the JetDirect card before you do this, or re-enter the IP address afterwards. I prefer the latter course, just in case the problem is on the JetDirect.

Assisted Solution

Panjandrum earned 500 total points
ID: 13841905
A 49 error indicates that the print processor (formatter) could not understand or execute an instruction within a file or cannot interface with an accessory, DIMM, or EIO device. Troubleshooting and resolving communication related issues such as 49 errors or the printer will not print is a process of elimination. This involves first determining if the printer functions properly in a stand-alone mode then testing communications to the printer and also testing application functionality.

These errors can be divided up into two categories; the associated troubleshooting depends on the circumstance the 49 errors are occurring.

NOTE: A 49 error is always followed by a Hex code, for instance, 49.00FF. The Hex code is a memory address. Most Hex codes are not documented.
The most common causes are software/network related. Some basic problems that can cause these errors are file specific issues, network connections, driver settings, or operating system related issues. Upgrading the printer firmware to the latest version should be performed, if possible, as part of the normal troubleshooting process, print a configuration page and check the current firmware version on the printer. Then go to the Hewlett-Packard web site for the latest firmware available and check it against the latest version to determine if the printer firmware needs to be upgraded.
A hardware issue can also cause some less common 49 errors. If the customer is getting 49 errors, ask if they have recently installed an accessory. A 49 error can occur if either the printer has a newer revision of firmware than the accessories or if the accessories have a newer firmware than the printer.
Communication issues with the Jetdirect card can appear to be hardware based. Many times upgrading the firmware on the Jetdirect card can resolve the communication related problems.
The following sections are divided into software/network and hardware troubleshooting after first determining which path to follow. The software section is first as the most common causes of 49 errors are software related. Use the information in the following note to determine which troubleshooting path to follow.

NOTE: Many software related 49 errors are ambiguous and may be difficult or impossible to recreate in a testing environment. Due to this fact, solutions or workarounds may not be possible for all software generated 49 errors. It is relatively simple to determine if the issue is software related by isolating the printer form the network and/or PC connection and power-cycling the printer. If the printer returns to a READY state when isolated, perform the software troubleshooting steps. If the printer still errors even when isolated, then proceed to the hardware troubleshooting steps.

CAUTION: Agents - All hardware and software troubleshooting should be performed prior to sending out service. Consult with a TSE, if necessary, to verify that the proper troubleshooting steps have been performed and that a service call is warranted.

Software/Network troubleshooting

The following scenarios are intended to identify specific conditions that cause 49 errors, or provide several setting adjustments that may eliminate the error message.

Error occurs when printing from a specific environment (for example, Windows, UNIX Mainframe) or application

Print from a different application.
Print different documents within the same application.
Change the graphics mode in the printer properties.
Change the resolution setting in the printer properties.
Select a PostScript driver instead of PCL (Windows only).
Use a different font, if possible (font selections may not accessible in some environments or applications).
Adjust the margin settings, if possible.

Error occurs when printing a specific document

Change the graphics mode in the printer properties.
Change the resolution setting in the printer properties.
Select a PostScript driver instead of PCL, (Windows only).
Use a different font, if possible, or utilize fewer font changes.
Adjust the margin settings, if possible.
If graphics are used, try using fewer graphics on each page or rearrange the graphics on the page.
Recreate the document
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Assisted Solution

wyliecoyoteuk earned 500 total points
ID: 13855252
Try setting the spooling to "start printing after last page has spooled".

I have found that this setting reduces timeouts, which with postscript, can cause rendering errors.

Increasing the timeout setting and buffer size on the printer also often helps.

The fact that printing to a virtual device, and then resending, points to timeouts as a reason.

As PDF files are raw postcript documents, they should always print to a postscript device , but timeouts can interrupt a postscript program.

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Expert Comment

ID: 13880016
OOPS, line 4 should have read:

The fact that printing to a virtual device, and then resending, WORKS, points to timeouts as a reason.


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