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I have 72 users over 4 sites that all connect to a main server at HQ.
The main server is a dual xeon 2.8g w/ 1 gb mem running sbs 2k3.
We also have an accounting server running win2k server with ts licenses
that the accounting group ts into for their work.  This seems to be working

My problem is that I have about 50 users that use ms office, autocad, and
other various programs.  My first question is, can I setup my sbs 2k3 server
with ts licenses and have the users access ms office and autocad with
only one license?  Meaning that I'll only need the one license per software?
Sec question: how will this many users connecting in (5-10 using cad, about
30 using ms office) toll on the server.  I also have exchange running on this
server, so I'm pretty sure at the least I would need to move this to another server.

Any recommendations, thoughts, ideas?


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scampgbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi c230kochi,
For your first point:
You would need an MS Office licence for each user that uses the application.  You don't mention which version of MS Office you're using, but there are slight differences in the licencing model under TS for different versions.
Essentially, you won't be able to use this route to mean that you only have to buy one licence.

I'm not familiar with autocad licences, but I'd be surprised if it's much different to the MS model.  Of course they may offer a "concurrent" licence, so you could do something based on the number of people who would use it at once.

Second point:
I wouldn't advise putting 50 users of MS Office and a CAD application on the server you specified - even without Exchange on it!

The main thing that the server is short of is memory.  Fortunately that's fairly cheap, so I'd suggest that put another gigabyte in the box.

I'm comfortable with 35-40 users of MS office on a server of the above spec (with more memory), however I think that you might be optimistic with the CAD app.
I'm not sure that CAD applications are well suited to TS, because of their graphical nature.

You'll need to move Exchange off that box if you plan to use it as a terminal server.

My suggestion would be:
Buy another server for TS or move Exchange to another box
Set up your MS Office users on the TS box
Leave your CAD users running the application locally.

Does that help?

c230kochiAuthor Commented:
It does, the issue that we are running into is that the users using cad are what I would call
"social" users.  They may use it once or twice a week for 20 or 30 minutes.  I really don't
want to pay a 1000 bucks a copy for a user that is going to use it for an hour a week.
As for the office, if this is the case I will leave them setup the way they are for now.  I'll
probably buy a ts box and setup cad and see if they have concurrent licenses.

thanks for the help!!

I don't know how AutoCAD licencing works.  You may be able to get a concurrent licence that will allow you to install the software on multiple machines, but only use one copy at at one time.
You should speak to AutoDesk about this.

I've just noticed that there is an AutoCAD viewer available, which might be of use.  Take a look at
Glad I could help.  Good luck with it! :-)
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