graphic packages

Can someone give me a description of the features of : -

Corel draw
Macromedia fireworks
Paint Shop Pro

And there advantages and disadvantages.
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Hi Luke,

CorelDraw - A very powerful vector illustration package with great export-to-raster capabilities.
Photoshop - The industry standard for raster image editing. Nothing equals it.
Fireworks - A nifty program that combines good vector creation and raster handling; plus a few automated rollover creation and slicing tools that are great for Web design.
Paint Shop Pro - A raster editing program like Photoshop but not nearly as good.

That's a down and dirty liineout. You can get more insight and details visiting the for Photoshop, for Fireworks, and for CorelDraw and PaintShop Pro.

Good Vibes!

Perhaps you can tell us what you want the program(s) to do, and we can help you sort out what would be useful to meet your goals.

For web graphics, here's a good starting point:

Photo editing:

Also, take a look at The GIMP, a full-featured photo/graphics package that's FREE:

lukegriffiths110Author Commented:
GUI for a CD/DVD-ROM just need background research.
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