Did not Adjust for Day Light Savings

I have a user that some how did not have the "automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes" checked in the time zone setup - He has setup his Outlook calendar for the whole year - meetings, flight arrangements etc. Now when he gets a meeting invite from someone in the office it is an hour behind. If I check "automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes" it fixes the meetings but messes up his appointments he has entered for the year - hour off. Seen he has a whole year of stuff in there it would be very time consuming to change every appointment. Any idea how I could get the meetings that are sent to him to display the correct time automatically without adjusting it manually?
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Try exporting the calendar items out. Then delete them.
Change the time settings and then import the appointments back into the calendar.
tmorrison3Author Commented:
We exported the calendar and reimoprted after the time change was done - and still move them forward an hour
tmorrison3Author Commented:
Thanks - I think the person I assigned the task to needed it spelled out a little clearer!
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