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String manipulation help

I have a string that could contain any of the following:

newString = "joseph OR medal OR gold"
newString = "christopher OR medals"
newString = "medals"
newString = "medal"

I want to check "newString" for "medals" or "medal", then I want to replace
the "OR" with "AND" . . something like this:

If newString has "medals" or "medal" Then
  Replace "OR" with "AND"

So the string "joseph OR medal OR gold"  would be "joseph AND medal AND gold"

Also . . .  If just the one word "medals" or "medal" is in the string (newString = "medals")
I want to  Response.Redirect("default.aspx") . . like this:

If newString has ONLY "medal" or "medals"

3 Solutions
The String.IndexOf() Method is what you need to become familiar with.

To check if a string contains a string

If newString.indexOf("medals") <> -1 then
  'string contains "medals"
end if

Also, your last problem can be solved with the exclusive or operator (xor), You can lookup xor yourself, but basically it allows one or the other, but not both.

If newString.indexOf("medals") <> -1 xor newString.indexOf("medal") <> -1 then
end if

Hope this helps,
Not sure what you mean on the logic of Only here, but this should get you in the right direction:

                  string s;
                  if (s.IndexOf("medal") > 0 || s.IndexOf("medals") > 0)
                        s.Replace(" OR ", " AND ");
                  if (s.IndexOf("medal") == 1)

Dim s As String
If s.IndexOf("medal") > 0 Or s.IndexOf("medals") > 0 Then
   s.Replace(" OR ", " AND ")
End If
If s.IndexOf("medal") = 1 Then
End If

The =1 line means only one occurence.

Hope this helps!

Don't think you should use indexOf here,
What if someone named medalville is in the string?

I think you should split new string to a string array
and then check each item in the array
After you're done, you can join the array back to a string
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