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Dear All,
                We are a medium sized  department in big state university and wish to implement a failover system for our web applications, I am looking at some software applications like xosoft that synchronize the master and failover databases in real time, I am having the following problem in setting up this system:

Since we are a part of the university, our servers are accessible to the internet only thru the university network, though we maintain our own internal network, if some one has to reach our servers from outside it has to come thru the university network, there are two scenario's where our system can be unreachable.

1 when our network or server or database is down

2. when university network is down.

when our network is down i guess we could simply redirect the university dns server to point to the failover server located at a far off location
but what is the solution in case the university network is down, how do i redirect requests to the fialover system.

thank you in advance
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if your just looking for a simple answer to "but what is the solution in case the university network is down, how do i redirect requests to the fialover system."

you dont, as noone could reach you anyways, you are no longer connected to the internet as the university was your only gateway.

well if the university network goes down, and their failover network goes down as well, then you would need an alternate route for internet traffic to reach your main or failover network.

if your department has policies in place that prevent any direct connection to the internet, then you are quite limited as you cannot subvert the university. however, if you are not limited to using the university as a gateway, then you have many options as you can connect your network directly to an alternate internet service path.

I would use 1 physical location with redundent switches, routers and firewalls which will proivide physical redundency incase of hardware failure. this is best in 1 location as administration will be centralized.
lease a second internet pipeline to be used only as a failover system that does not run through the university. modify your routers and DNS to use the leased line as an alternate path incase of the first path (university) fails. this will create a physical and logically redundent network with 24/7 availability to the internet incase of catastrophic failure. your only other worries are the servers, and the building power source.
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