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Setting up a wireless network

Hello All,

I am wanting to setup a home network that will facilitate sharing my Internet connection between my desktop PC and my two laptop PCs.  I have a Qwest DSL with a Cisco 678 router/modem (it came from Qwest when I started my service) that provides my Internet connection.  My question is this, can I simply buy a Linksys WRT54GS, and use this to replace the Cisco 678?
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The WRT54GS is just a router, so you can't use it alone.  You can, however, connect it to a DSL modem and use it that way, but you would probably have to check with Qwest as to which modems are compatible with their service.
Simple answer is no, do not replace the Cisco modem/router, like John said you still need it.

Place the Linksys inline between the Cisco and your PC.  Don't worry about your wireless connection yet.  After installation reset all equipment including your PC.  After all equipment reboots try going to a remote web page.  If it works you'll just need to set up the wireless portion of your network according to your instructions.  (don't forget to change the router's password before you're done)  

If things didn't work straight away you may have to make some changes from the Linksys default set up to get things working properly.  
Make these changes in the Linksys if needed-
No need to enter log in information, the Cisco will take care of that.

Set the WAN to get IP address automaticly- this should allow the Cisco to supply the IP address for the Linksys WAN side
Set the LAN default gateway to (you'll need to relog into the router at this IP after it accepts this change)
Set Starting IP address to
Ending IP address (sets the number of IPs supplied by router)

Hmm, I forgot to ask.  Are you using the RJ45 eithernet connection or the USB connection on the Cisco?  If you use eithernet proceed as above.  If you use the USB, go buy an eithernet card for your PC.  (no USBs on the Linksys)
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