Local Downlevel Document errors


When I try to print a document through Wordperfect 11, the print is sent as a "Local Downlevel Document" and errors out eventually without printing. At the same time my printer, a Dell 1600N Laser printer (connected via usb), reports that there is no paper in the printer - which it does!

I am able to print using Microsoft Word and plain txt documents, but as soon as I try to print from Wordperfect it prevents me from printing *anything*. The print spooler returns with "Local Downlevel Document" failed to print.

OS: Windows XP Pro / 2 peer network with file & print sharing enabled

Thanks for any help
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wyliecoyoteukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could be various things:
1. paper size is set wrong in page setup.
If in USA, it should be set to letter, Europe should be set to A4, for example.
2. Check in printer driver that spooling is set to "start printing after last page has spooled" .
This reduces printing timeouts, especially on shared printers.
3.on the laser, if possible, increase buffer size and timeout values.
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