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Serial ATA Drive

In a senior moment I purchased a Serial ATA Drive. (It is the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 200GB drive.) I had intended to buy a Parallel ATA to put in an external USB drive enclosure.  The drive enclosure has the standard 40 pin IDE interface.   I cannot find an adaptor to allow a connection from Serial ATA to standard IDE or an external enclosure for the Serial ATA Drive of the type I am seeking.  I am looking for a portable drive with USB interface to back up data when I work on other people's computers.  I am not seeking a removable drive or a backup device that remains attached to a single PC.

I feel I have no legit reason to return the drive as it is not defective...it was just a stupid error on my part when I hit that shopping cart button.  

Is there anyway to make the SATA work in the standard USB IDE enclosure or is there a SATA external case that I could purchase to have a portable hard drive?
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Well, there ARE converter kit(s) that allow you to connect a parallel ATA drive to a Serial ATA port
(see this:  http://www.connecttech.net/product_info.php?products_id=1403)

But I am not aware of, nor have I found, a converter that goes the other way (serial ATA drive to Parallel ATA connection).

Offhand, this makes sense, since there is likely very little market to connect NEWER drives to OLDER drive connection technologies.   The marketplace is new motherboards, and the solution that allows users to "keep" their precious parallel ATA drives a bit longer.

Unfortunately, your solution involves spending money-  replacing the external disk enclosure, or replacing the drive.   Offhand, I'd still go for replacing the drive, and explain to the vendor you simply purchased the wrong item......     I am guessing the downside to this is a 15% restocking fee.    The vendor MAY waive this if you explain that it's not an outright return, but instead an exchange for the proper item-- AND, that you haven't even plugged in the (new) drive yet...........

Take a look at this,


You can get the SATA version and this external unit can support USB2, firewire and external SATA all in one.  You just need to get the cables for each style.  If you are going to work on different PC's it's always good to support a wide variety.  Also a direct SATA connection when possible could speed things up alot if you are doing large transfers.

There are SATA to IDE converters but it is likely that there would not be enough room in a external drive case to fit it.  This is about the most compact one I have seen.  Be a real downer to order everything and not have it fit.


I would go with a SATA enclosure myself.
Opps I see you already have a enclosure.  The converter is about $30 and a whole SATA case is $75.00.  I would just weight the costs.  The extra cables for the kit above are $55.00 for firewire and $40.00 for SATA.  It is a nice option to cover all the bases but is a few bucks.

George_EvansonAuthor Commented:
Well its good to know that there is a SATA to IDE converter...thats provides all sorts of options although I do not think it would work in the drive enclosure I bought....The SATA drive enclosure looks excellent...pricey but excellent so I am leaning that direction.  Also the solution of returning the drive and admitting I purchased the wrong drive is a simple and elegant solution....I was not sure as I cut open the anti-static bag the drive came in whether that was a legit return....but I could call Newegg and find out.  I thank all three of you for providing practical and useful advice.  
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