HTML Frames, Cross Browser Border Style.

Hi All, this is getting frustrating!

I thought I was tryign to do something "easy". The desired result is a simple frameset with a "banner", "content" and "footer".

Banner Page - White Background
Content Page - #7797E4 Background
Footer Page - #7797E4 Background

<frameset rows="50, *, 50" id="myFrameset" border="1" bordercolor="#7797E4" framespacing="3">
    <frame src="myBanner.html" id="frmBanner" noresize border="0">
    <frame src="myContent.html" id="frmContent">
    <frame src="myFooter.html" id="frmFooter">

Goal: Have "no border" appearance between all the pages, yet allow the user to resize the content/footer height (fixed banner height). It needs to show the resize handle on mouseOver of the border between the content and the footer but no handle between the content and the header.

The trouble. I have tried TONS of different border attributes in both the frameset and frame tags.  I can get it to work with a generic setup BUT... it looks totally different in IE PC, Firefox PC, Firefox MAC. (the only browsers/platforms I care about).

Firefox seems to be putting a "black line" between the frames making the border color not at all what I want. It seems the border needs to be a few pixels to enable the operating system resize handle to show when you mouse over the border to resize it?

If this is confusing..lemme know, I'll try to explain better?
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Tried your sample.  The issue, at least with IE, is that it renders the borders as 3D with a hilight at the top and shadow underneath.  Not sure if there is some sort of "flat" style you can use.

Good luck!
DavidBookAuthor Commented:
Yeah really, luck is what i need. I was able to get IE to do the flat thing with some "framespacing" and "bordercolor". If you space the frames a few pixels, then do the border color, it works. Problem is, only IE supports those generic prop. tags, UGH!
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