Unable to open the service manager

I maintain a Domain Controller where I create accounts for users and they login to the workstations present in our lab. Recently I have setup new machines with MS SQL server 2000 installed on it. When I login to these machines using administrator username and password its not showinig me any error messages, where as when I login as a regular user during the startup its showing me an error message with message window poping up like

      Application System Error
Unable to open the Service manager.

As far as I know this error is related to Service manager which will be installed with MS SQL Server 2000, but I have no idea on how to solve this problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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it means Service manager can not run with regular user credentials. This is clearly a permission issue.

Check all items set to start on user logon (Startup folder, registry, etc...) and compare them to the processes list in task manager. Check also the Services, especially the ones set to Automatic but not running.

You may have to run the Service manager with "run as"
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