PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable. PXE-MOF: Exiting PXE


I bought a used computer from the company that moved to another area from our building.
It's Dell OptiPlex GX155OS+ Pentium III. The guy gave me a Win95 CD with it (although it had XP before on it). When I turn on computer and put this CD in, it started reading the CD (probably) but then I got this PXE error. Read about this everything was available on internet and on experts site (not much really), went to system setup- Boot sequence: the first in the list was CD-ROM, then Diskette, then Hard Drive and then Device List, Ctrl->. Clicked Ctrl->, removed PXE from the Boot Device Priority to Exclude from Boot Device Priority list. Since there was no option for CD-ROM, for some reason, in Boot Device Priority List, I created a floppy from bootdisk.com (copied boot95b.exe, to be consistent with the CD I got), inserted floppy and clicked ALT-B (for reboot)
got Non-System disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready. What I also noticed after million tries, it puts back this PXE into the boot sequence if I set Boot Sequence to anything else but Device List, Ctrl->.

Thanks for all the help in advance.
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The "PXE - E61" error is an indication the system is trying to boot from the network.  This typically happens because no bootable device was detected.  When you made your floppy, you may have missed a step and it really isn't bootable, or the floppy drive was not designated as the first boot device.
RimmaCAuthor Commented:
I knew that, this is why I was trying to remove PXE from the sequence list and I did have Disckette first.
I didn't understand though, what should I do and how should I create a bootable floppy.

Have you determined that the floppy you made is capable of booting a system?  The BIOS of this machine may need to be reset if all the options are not appearing.
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To create a bootable floppy, you have to run boot95b.exe and it will write to the floppy the system files and boot sector.
RimmaCAuthor Commented:
Ok, I created a  'real' :-) bootable floppy now. Set the Disckette first and tried to reboot. seams like it started reading the floppy but then I got 'Strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility'
How can I determine that the floppy is capable of booting?
Better try it on another machine.  This one sounds like it has a problem with the floppy drive, which is common in a machine that old.
RimmaCAuthor Commented:
Another question. How can I reset BIOS. I don't see any option for BIOS in System Setup.
There's usually a 3-pin jumper on the motherboard with the word CMOS as part of it.  You move the jumper from the Normal position 1-2 to the Clear position 2-3, and then back to Normal.  If you can't find it, take the CMOS battery out for 1/2 hour and then put it back in.

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RimmaCAuthor Commented:
Boy, sounds scarry. I'll try it
Thanks again.

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