POP3 Connector in 2003 Server Standard?

Does Windows 2003 Standard edition have the POP3 connector option?  I know that the Small Business version does but I need to setup POP3 e-mail download on a 2K3 Standard server.

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Hi PaulBrunet,
As you're talking about downloading email from an ISP, I assume you're talking about Exchange 2003 rather than Windows 2003?

The standard edition of Exchange 2003 doesn't include a POP3 connector.  You have to use a Third-party one.

You can find a selection of these at http://www.msexchange.org/software/POP3_Downloaders/date/

Does that help?
PaulBrunetAuthor Commented:
Also, how do I download ISP e-mail if there is no pop3 connector with Server 2K3
The above is wrong.  Exchange and Windows 2003 come with POP services.  Windows 2003 comes with everything you need to host your own mail server, just not in the same manner exchange does.  This is evident due to the fact that you must uninstall the POP3 service from windows 2003 when installing Exchange 2003 because exchange will load its own POP3 interface which will be automatically disabled until you enable it.  
Your end client will need to download the POP3 from an ISP.
PaulBrunetAuthor Commented:
I just used IGetMail from http://www.lockstep.com/products/igetmail/igm-product.html

It works nice and the price is only $70US

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