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My question has to do with using the device manager.  In general, if you go into the device manager and find that one of the items has a yellow ?, does this mean that the drivers are missing for that piece of hardware?  If so, is there an automatic way to find the needed drivers rather than having to spend time searching on the Internet for that particular hardware and its manufacture?  Also, can the yellow ? indicate any other problem besides missing drivers?  If so, what is the quickest way to identify the problem and solution?

My specific question has to do with adjusting the refresh rate for the monitor.  I just had a new hard drive installed and when I go to Display Properties >> Settings >> Advanced >> Monitor, it does not allow me to adjust that refresh rate.  Instead it says "use hardware default settings".  In the device manager, video controller and multimedia audio controller are both yellow.



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The device manager will have a yellow exclamation mark when the driver is missing, not installed properly, or not working (sometimes because the hardware is not working).  To find the correct driver, go to the manufacturer's website as the best source: motherboard, video card, PCI card or external device.  Everest can help locate drivers in the summary section:

You can't adjust the monitor refresh rate because you are using the default video card driver.  Get the right driver from the manufacturer and install it first.  If the audio is onboard, get the audio driver from the motherboard site.
other idenifying tools : BelArc Advisor and unknown device identifier : 

if you do not know how to grab the driver, post the model of your video card here , and we'll look it up for you
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