Run-time error... Object doesn't support this property or method

I have the following hierachy of objects and collections:

Object                           Type
Trades                          Collection      
  Trade                         Object
    Details                       Collection created on initialization of object "Trade"
      Detail01                  One of several objects initialized on initialization of object "Trade"
        Exits                     Collection created on initialization of object "Detail01"
          Exit01                 One of several objects initialized and added to Exits on initialization of "TradeDetail"
            Used                 Boolean property of object "Exit"

In a seperate module I do the following:

   Dim Trades As New Collection
   Dim Entry  As New Trade
   Trades.Add Item:=Entry  

I want to set the ....Exit01.Used property.  The following doesn't work

  Trades.Entry.Details.Detail01.Exits.Exit.Used = True

Please advise  


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Mike TomlinsonMiddle School Assistant TeacherCommented:
Try something like this:

    Trades(1).Details(1).Exits(1).Used = True
AlphaSquaredAuthor Commented:
Idle Mind -- Excellent, many thanks.  A
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