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ViewState problems on webfarm

I have a webfarm where the load balancer is not enforcing stickyness due to this I get occasional errors "Unable to validate data."   I believe this is the view state and I have tried several things to reduce this error  I have

1.  Set the Viewstatmac to use the same SHA1 key on all machines  in WebConfig
2. Set The Viewstatmac to be disabled  in WebConfig
l3. astly I just disabled the viewstate  in WebConfig using       
<pages enableViewState="false" enableViewStateMac="false" />

each method yeilded the same amount of occasional errors.  Does Viewstate implemented on page level override the application level.

Suggestions on resolving this problem are greatly appreciated.

2 Solutions
umm occasionally the viewstate is mangled when being sent back up. how often is this happenning?
Rodney HelsensCommented:
MS offers this option for helping you track down the specific cause of the problem, have not used it before.
rocketdoctorAuthor Commented:
I have read the microsoft artical and that doesn't resolve the problem just gives you more information to troubleshoot,  Ive identified that it is a viewstate issue,  just trying to figure out how to make it work properly on Web Farms I would rather keep it on but I will turn it off if I have too?  however turning it off on in the WebConfig does not seem to be workng

Its not happing alot maybe 10 times an hour out of a couple thousand hits.

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out of curiosity is the actual exception being thrown viewstate is corrupt or invalid?
rocketdoctorAuthor Commented:
it the following error message which the hotfx in the link above produces

ERROR MESSAGE: Unable to validate data.

have you set the machineKeys to the web farm, to be the same instead of the default.

<machineKey validationKey="AutoGenerate,IsolateApps" decryptionKey="AutoGenerate,IsolateApps" validation="SHA1"/>

For a Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 version of this article, see 831150.

Important DO NOT INSTALL this hotfix on a computer that is in a Web farm environment or in a clustered environment unless you are installing this hotfix on every computer in the environment or unless you have installed hotfix 323744 on all the other computers in the environment.

For more information, see "Description of the View State MAC feature" in the "More Information" section.
http://www.kbalertz.com/kb_832183.aspx .. mentioned here about the microsoft hotfix .. so did u or did u not try the hotfix?

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