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Unix - Fifo

I have to make two process communicate via a fifo.
the first program is like a mobile and can send different messages to the second (the server).
the mobile write in the fifo and the server read.

the mobile can send different kinds of messages :
1) a message when it is online :
        - type of message
        - process id
        - phone number
2) a message when it is offline
        - type of message
        - phone number
3) a message to a specific user
        - type of message
        - phone number of the sender
        - phone number of the reciever
        - message

My teacher wants that the mobile send into the fifo a union of 3 structures,
but I don't know how to do this, if someone can help ?
(I heard that for example that in the union he wants the 'type of message' and then in the 3 structures the 'type' need to occur again because they all have a 'type' ... hum ... but i didn't understand very good what he was saying)
thank you (srry need to improve my english as well)
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1 Solution
Unions in C are a way of having one data structure with a number of different possible data structures in it.  You usually have a leading field that indicates which type of struct actually follows.  Something like:

typedef struct OnLineType  {  int type, pid, phonenumber; };
typedef struct OffLineType  {  int type,  phonenumber; };
typedef struct OnLineType {  int type, pid, phonenumbersender, phonenumbereceiver, char Message[5000]; };

typedef struct ThreeMsgFormats {
    char Format;
    union {
       OnLineType olt;
       OffLineType oft;
       MsgToUserType  mtu;

When you store values into this union, first set the Format field to something distinctive for each possible sub-structure, say 'n' for on line, 'f' for off line, or 'm' for message.   Then go ahead and set the corresponding data fields.

In this particular case, each type is a superset of the previous type, so you could even declare the fields in the same order to make things a bit easier.

KouKiAuthor Commented:
Thanks I tried it today at school it is working,
I understood the type to select the right structure,
but I don't understand why in each structure I have to put the type one more time ?
> I don't understand why in each structure I have to put the type one more time ?

Because that's what your instructions said!

Actually, now you don't need that type field anymore.
KouKiAuthor Commented:
I know the field type in each structure is still needed because
there would be fields stored at the same adress otherwise.
Anyway thanks for your help :)

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