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Splitting up a t1 Line

I want to provide internet sccess to several different Lans via 1 t1 line. How can I do this - what hardware will I need.
1 Solution

a multiplexor, possibly several routers, and LAN switches .
thats it, the routers can be substituted with servers multiple LAN adapters.

the general idea is:

     Multiplexor  (converts the T1 line into a RJ45 connection for use with switches and servers)
       |         |
       |         |
   Switch Switch
   |  |  |     |  |  |
   |  |  |     |  |  |
  Clients  Clients

you might also want to use a firewall, this would be placed inbetween the multiplexor and the servers.
Do you care if the LANs are seperated?
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jguiciarAuthor Commented:
There are 3 other lans - each separate businesses - most without a server
I would put in a firewall and a good managed switch behind it.  That way you can create VLANS on the switch and isolate each customer.  
You'll need:
T1 CSU/DSU to terminate the T1
A router with serial interface (or T1 module built in csu/dsu) to connect to the CSU/DSU
A firewall to connect between the router and you LAN

Potential solution:
 T1 --- Cisco 1841 router with CSU/DSU module --- Cisco PIX 515e 6FE (6 x Fast Ethernet interfaces)
                                                                                   |1--- your LAN
                                                                                   |2--- Client 1
                                                                                   |3--- Client 2
                                                                                   |4--- Client 3
                                                                                   |5--- Client 4
You could replace the 1841, CSU/DSU module, the 515e and a local LAN switch for one Adtran Netvanta 1024/T1 - CSU/DSU/router/firewall/24-port 10/100 switch all in one for a very modest price..

Else, as rshooper76 noted, you can use VLANs and VLAN capable Layer 3 switches, or VLAN switches with PIX515e to support multiple partner business units..
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