Monitor E772c Clean Reinstall Can't reinstall monitor

Dell Dimension 2300 Clean Reinstall complete, screen resolution 640x480, lowest [4bit ].

Display/Advanced/Monitor/Porperties greyed out. Have Quick Setup disc, no install from there?! Help!  TIA, Dan
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the video card on a dim 2300 is most likely onboard, as dell never shipped them with an expansion graphics card (no agp slot).  The driver you would need for winxp is here:

you should be installing the chipset driver first though (before the video driver)
chipset driver:

also, as callandor states, these drivers are on your dimension resource CD.
Install chipset first, then video.  The other drivers can be loaded in pretty much any order.

Here is the "reinstall guide" that dell offers on their website, which should tell you everything you need to do:

justhefaxAuthor Commented:
The monitor display was fine throughout the Reinstall, until the last reboot. On boot, it just came in at this (unusually) low resolution.
You need to install the specific driver for your video card.  If it's onboard, the motherboard manufacturer will have it; otherwise, look at the card manufacturer's website.  What you are seeing is the default VGA driver.
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justhefaxAuthor Commented:
Callandor, thank you for your comment.

It's a Dell <grimace>, is there a way to find out the manufacturer of the MB? Yes, I think it's listing the default VGA. The video card manufacturer hopefully will be listed Device Manager/Display Adapter? I will see this computer 1st thing tomorrow a.m.
Run Everest and it should reveal the manufacturer:

If it's an onboard video, the driver may be on the ResourceCD.
justhefaxAuthor Commented:
Thanks, jeff, the Dell guides were just the ticket.

I had checked Dell for Repair Install instructions, I didn't think to check back for Clean Reinstall instructions.

I was surprised, I had expected the Clean Reinstall disc to be an image, and it wasn't. It was a copy of WinXP Home. So reinstalling some drivers was necessary after reinstalling XP.

I had previously done a Clean Reinstall of a different computer, a much more recent model, the image discs reinstalled everything.

Thanks to both Callandor and tfjeff, your help was timely and much appreciated. I'll split the points.
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