Bypass - hey you're database is read-only on Access 97

Anyway to bypass the annoying message box that your database is read-only on Access 97?
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fruhjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure you have write permissions, to both the MDB file , and also to the directory the MDB file is in.

When Access opens a MDB file, it attempts to create a .LDB file in the same directory.
The LDB file allows access to work with more than one user.
if you don't have write permissions to the directory that holds the .MDB file, the .LDB file can't be created and you'll end up in the read only state.

- Jack
split your database into front end and backend
work on your front end on a development copy and have your users work on a production copy.
Distribute front end copies to each user.
changes to the backend will have to be made after hours when no one is using the mdb

Simon BallCommented:
more info?  why is it read only?  are you converting mdb files from different versions?

if the mdb file is read only - why is it?
stephenlecomptejrAuthor Commented:
thank you, fruhj - yes the permissions are set to read-only for certain people
My workaround this is to make the access db code into a visual basic 6.0 .exe program.
Thank you.
Glad I could help!
Access also has a user/permission system - if you're solution is all access based, it might be faster to learn that than to redo parts of it in VB6.

Also, as a long time user of VB3, 4, 5, & 6 I want to encourage you to take a serious look at the .net development stuff - I avoided it for a long time, becuase it's harder to learn something new than to do it the old way, but there are lots of things that get much easier once you get past the learning curve.

as an asside, I took a $50 one day hands on lab on Microsft Sql Server 2000 reporting services and got a shrink wrapped copy of Visual 2003 free for attending (they were handing it out to everyone)
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