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How can I get all notebook users to connect consistently to the internet from hotel to hotel?

My sales staff travels, they try to use the internet connections from hotel to hotel.  Some hotels they can get connected and other they cannot.  This has caused a huge problem with getting orders and other transactions processed.  On these notebooks, they are almost always trying to connect via hard lan connection.  From the device manager, under netowrk adapters, their link speed & duplex is set at AutoConnect by default.  The XP Pro SP2 firewall is set to disabled.  

My steps given up to this point was to have them tweak the settings in the link speed & duplex to try to connect.

What else can I do?  
1 Solution
contact the hotels they frequent and ask if something specific needs to be done to get a connection?
IP configurations even if dynamically assigned may hold over when the cable is unplugged.  When a user tries connecting at a new location a few simple steps via cmd prompt should help them be able to connect.  Those being:


ipconfig /all - lists the current IP, gateway DNS and so on.

ipconfig /release - releases the adapter(s) dynamically aquired IP, gateway, DNS ect.

ipconfig /renew - will query the connected DHCP server if any and renew the IP and other paramaters.

ping www.anydomain.com - will determine if the user has connectivity.

They can probably skip the first command but it is usefull if someone is aware of their normal IP.  If they plug in somewhere else and see their "normal" IP then you know that the IP has not been served out for there present location and they will not be able to connect.

/release can be done connected or not, but /renew is the key.  If they cannot /renew there dynamic IP config then either the location they are at does not have an available DHCP server to give them an address, or they are using static assignment.  They may also be running a policy that limits connections in some fashion.

The best thing you could do is ask someone knowledgeable at the offsite location what is required if anything out of the ordinary.

As far as XP's Firewall goes, you do not have to disable it in this situation.
Most Hotel's have there connections setup so they are easy to connect to.  It sounds like you have done what you can.  They should be set for AutoConnect and DHCP.  If they cant connect to the hotel its because they have a stupid setup going on and you pretty much cant prepare for that
Sorry for the obvious answer, but maybe pick one hotel chain and stick with it??? The other option is to give them all wireless adapters and subscribe to a national cellular provider's wireless Internet access. I don't think you can ever expect multiple hotel chains to configure their high speed internet services the same way.

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