Windows Reboot Loop

My computer is stuck in a reboot loop. I cannot use Safe mode or Last Known Configuration. Boot Logging does not create a file.

I am able to get in using the Recovery Console but not access the registry.

Please help! My computer was working fine and just started to do this.
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1) Boot up from the XP CD by changing your boot sequence in BIOS. Make sure that the first boot device is the CD. the usual way to go to BIOS is to press on F2 or DEL. If it is still not working, try to follow the screen instructions on what to press to enter SETUP.

2) After changing boot sequence, save the settings and exit setup. Make sure that the WINXP CD is on the CD tray when you exit setup.

3) Wait for a message to appear that say "Press any key to boot from CD" then IMMEDIATELY press on the spacebar. It should take you to the Windows Setup and it should say that "Setup is loading files".

Make sure your virus defs are up to date and do a full scan once you get back in, also download the microsoft Antispyware and run a full scan.

Hope this helps,
Bob Smith

It would be helpful to know what shows up on the screen before the reboot.. i.e. if it makes it to the main splash screen, if it makes it to the "Applying local security policy...", etc.

I have seen cases where certain application software will include an unprompted reboot as part of its setup procedure (Cisco C3000 VPN software), and it can get stuck in a nasty loop of rebooting the computer, but this only happens after you login as a user.
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NitestarzAuthor Commented:
It gets all the way to the windows startup screen and it starts to load in and then reboots right before it would go onto the login screen

Have your tried "Last Known Good Configuration" by pressing F8 during boot.

Also try repairing your registry by following this KB...;en-us;830570
Sorry,  I just saw that you couldn't do "Last Known Good config..."

Try repairing the registry however.  I have had this problem before, and I believe this is what I did to correct it.
Tell me how it goes though
NitestarzAuthor Commented:
I cannot even get to the registry. Access denied
run a disk disgnostic utility from the manufacturer of your harddisk to find out if your drive is ok
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That is ok.
But, I know from my experience with this issue that the last posting made by me "weblinktechnologies" would fix this issue with 90% certainty.  I maintain over 150 laptops and have experienced this same issue more than once.
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