Terminal Server 2003 session doesn't utilize local networked printers

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We have a user who connects from home to our terminal servicer (Server 2003) with his Win XP laptop.
He has a networked printer printing to a tcpip port (192.168.0.xx); he connects to the terminal server thru his wireless 802.11G connection with a 172.16. IP range.

Currently, when he connects to TS, it will only connect to the printer if he changes it to LPT1, connects to TS, then changes the printer back to the IP port.  Something about TS only captures LPT printers-wouldn't be so bad, but he gets kicked off of TS pretty regularly because he's on a wireless connection, and he doesn't want to keep having to do that.)

I tried using the command prompt to capture LPT1, but it still won't connect to the printer in a TS session unless he goes thru the printer dialogue and change it to LPT1.  

Anybody got any ideas on how I can get his IP port printer to connect in a TS session?

Thanks in advance!

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blinnd7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Ive had this problem a number of times. Try the below article

cchogscAuthor Commented:
man, all my searches on technet didn't find THAT article...thanks.
I'll give it a shot and post results....have a great weekend!
cchogscAuthor Commented:
thanks...that did the trick.
I'd send you a martini but then your monitor would be all wet and drippy...<G>
thanks again!
No problems, It comes in very helpful as i get this same problem all the time. I have pretty much memorised the registry location and key name :-)
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