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Need Disk Warrior help! - bootable CD or firewire drive

My G5 dual 1.8Ghz Mac's UPS was unplugged accidentally and it lost power suddenly. Upon reboot, it had a blinking folder/questionmark. I can boot off of the OSX panther Cd, and it won't immediately recognize the volume in Disk Utility. Only after 5 minutes does the volume show up in Disk Utility, but from there, after selecting it, none of the disk utility options become available. I've purchased the downloadable version of Disk Warrior, and don't want to wait until the CD arrives to run Disk Warrior, but I'm having a newbie-moment and can't for the life of me figure out how to create a bootable Firewire drive or CD with the Disk Warrior software. I downloaded  the .sit .hqx file, and on a different mac, it extraced to produce 2 .img files. From there, it will mount a disk image, and I can run the image on the mac it's extracted onto, but I cannot get software to run against my failed volume. I've also ordered another SATA drive, but I want to try and repair the failed disk. How do I use the downloaded software to fix my drive?
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3p0cHxAuthor Commented:
Well, I was able to get the failed drive into bay (b). I've been able to get it to show up in system profiler. It looks like this:

ATA Bus:

  Name:      k2-sata

Maxtor 6Y160M0:

  Capacity:      152.67 GB
  Model:      Maxtor 6Y160M0
  Revision:      YAR51FW0
  Serial Number:      Y44GJ04E
  Removable Media:      No
  Detachable Drive:      No
  BSD Name:      disk2
  Protocol:      ATA
  Unit Number:      0
  Socket Type:      Serial ATA
  OS9 Drivers:      No
  bay_name:      B (lower)
3p0cHxAuthor Commented:
most of my last comment was deleted...
Long story short, Disk Ulity sees the drive but not the volume on it. Disk Warrior sees the drive but not the volume that was on it.
Console messages:
DiskWarriorDaemon: [Thu Apr 21 18:04:00 PDT 2005] : ATA device 'Maxtor 6Y160M0', serial number 'Y44GJ04E', reports it is functioning normally.
I tried to mount the volume on it manually but it didn't want to work:
root# mount -r /dev/disk2 /Volumes/deaddrive
/dev/disk2 on /Volumes/deaddrive: Incorrect super block.
Apr 21 18:09:47 localhost kernel: disk2: I/O timeout.
Apr 21 18:11:02 localhost kernel: disk2: I/O error.
Apr 21 18:11:02 localhost kernel: hfs_mount: invalid HFS+ sig 0x504d
Apr 21 18:27:56 localhost kernel: disk2: I/O error. Please help I don't want to rebuild everything. I would like to image the drive. Thanks

Hi 3p0cHx,
     Please follow the directions on this link, however, start with step 3 based on what you have already said.


Hi cracky,
     I apologize, I did not realize, but I should have known.  I was doing it because I know that it is easier to just read from here and not go to another website.    So I am putting it on with just a link.

Steven Stuart
3p0cHxAuthor Commented:
Thanks Steven, yeah resetting the PRAM didn't help. I forgot mention I had done that. I eventually re-installed OS X. Also, I had a backup of everything important so I wasn't completely hosed. Additionally the OS X installation goes pretty quickly, it's just the updates that take forever...


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