Netgear Router Connection/IP release Renew MAJOR issue

I have a netgear MR814 v3 router that we plugged in first then installed the software as opposed to the other way around.  Now we cannot get the IP address to renew or resolve to a new address.  It is stuck on the 192.168.x.x all the time.  I  am at my wits end. removed and replaced network connection, reset cable modem, reset router, removed, replaced router. no avail. ran 2 XP SP 2 regedit packages available on net, no change HELP!  running spybot now to as collateral checkup.
PS WE ARE ON HOOOOOLLLLD with netgear passing minute 30....ARRRGH
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savoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Im sorry but the Question is not clear.  Are you trying to pull a new IP address from the router or change the internal IP Scheme?

If you are trying to change the internal IP scheme you will have to log into the router and click on LAN IP Setup.  In here you can change the IP Scheme to whatever you wish.  Example:  You can change your internal network to and all your machines will pull a 10.0.0.x IP address.  

If you are trying to just release and renew and IP address make sure DHCP is turned on.  Since is the default for netgear, and you have that IP when turning your machine on then chances are DHCP is already on unless you have that IP hard coded into your network properties.  Give us some more info and I am sure we will get this solved for ya.  

Good Luck
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Actually, I always wonder about users wanting to install this 'routing' software.  Your system has everything it needs to conect built into the OS.  never, never install any 3rd party software, as it usually causes more problems than it solves.

Now, regarding your TCP/IP stack..  If it is "stuck", are you sure you don't have it setup as a Static Address?  The range is right for a private IP scheme.  How is your DHCP scope setup on the router?  How bout your default gateway?

In fact, why don't you just paste your IP Config here so we can take a look.

Start > Run > cmd (ok)  and run these two commands:

ipconfig /all > ip.txt
notepad ip.txt

This will put your ip config into notepad to allow easy pasting.

jasonbrugmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses....I am ashamed to say that the answer was ridiculously simple...and eluded me because of my ignorance of some newer equipment...The local cable provider responded by sending a tech. Normally this is a bad step in my experience, but the clients are subscribing to a VoIP service.  The new Multimedia Terminal Adapter is a piece of equipment I had not seen before...Bottom line, there is a button labelled standby...Mash it in, and the problem was fixed. Power cycling, remove and replace, none of that stuff is necessary....just mash the standby button and you are done. Thanks for the quick responses, and I hope this helps someone else.
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