Cool Image Loading effect...

Hello Experts....

I love the way this pages loads! ( ) ... in particular the cut out of brandy in the bottom right corner. How would I go about doing something like this with the image first loading as a solid color, then having the actual image fade in with a bright flash of light at the end?

Steps and/or example would be really appreciated!

Thanks Much....
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Hi Anya,

I made an attempt to create some of the effects from the brandy site...
Not excatly the same, but I hope you can use them as inspiration :)

The effects are based on tweening, masking and change of color properties.

Best, Jakob E
This uses masking - you add the image to an mc on one layer and then add a layer above it which you can use frames or motion/shape tweening to cover the image below over a number of frames.
Then right click the top layer (the one that lays over the image), and select mask. ctl-enter to test the mc and it will reveal the image below.

BillystyxCommented: in the 'masking' layer, first frame the mask will not cover the image below at all. Second frame it will begin to cover it, and by your last frame (number of frames:how long you want it to take - probably 20-30 frames), it will completely cover the image below.
Once its done, right click the top layer (the one you have been manipulating, not the image), and select mask.

Not sure if this explains it any better, but hopefully it does.

Walkem5Author Commented:
Jakob...This is Great! Exactly what I needed. I referenced your example to create my own! It turned out pretty good. Any clues on how to create and load a text container similar to the one on the Brandy site?

You've been so much help to my project...Thanks Again...
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