Windows 2000 Server License Issues - - Per Server vs. Per Seat ???

Help with correcting my licensing scheme.  I have a domain with four servers and four sites.  I have about (50) Win2K-pro clients total throughout the business.   Currently set up like this (Per server) (I guess).

Branch 1 - Main Office (Domain Controller) 1-server and 25-clients.   ( 30 -cals, 5 with the OS &  5 - 5 users Cals)
Branch 2 - 1-server and 5-clients.  (5 -cals with the OS)
Branch 3 - 1 server and 8-clients.   (10 - cals, 5 with the OS, plus 1 - 5 user)
Branch 4 - 1 server and 12-clients.  (15 cals, 5 with OS, plus 2 - 5 users)

Now the users will cross from on branch to an other to the other server for data.  Such as a user from branch 1 will access data at branch 2, thus making the 6th client.   I was wondering should i change to PER SEAT and If so how do I do this change?  If I change from per server to per seat at branch 1, does this change the other servers or do I need to change them too?  Am I correct to say that with the list above I have - 4 server licenses, 20 cals plus40 additional cals with the add-ons?

Suggestions Please !!!

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With a single domain, definitely go for "Per Seat". Yes, you have 60 CALs altogether. That's about the correct number, as you'll need one for each client, then some additional ones for admin, service, and test accounts.
You need to change this on every server you have; start with the DC.
Then again, you might just as well turn off the license logging service completely on your servers. Microsoft says it doesn't really do what it was assigned to do, and that in most cases, you can just turn it off (which doesn't relieve you from obtaining the necessary CALs to conform to the EULA):

Description of the License Logging Service in Windows Server Operating Systems
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
rahowell2Author Commented:
Well I guess that I asked a question and oBdA took the time to reply an answer and also interjected additional comments about the license logging service, which was going to be a follow-up question I had next.  This answered it.  Also the link provided by leew was just a general answer and didn't verify my question as to how many licenses I did have.
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