Norton Ghost 2003 trouble with Intel 64 bits CPU


I tryied to do a ghost of the system disk on my server.

My server is a Dual Intel 64 bits CPU with Windows 2003 Server.

There is no troubles when I do images on normals 32 Bits CPU server's, but on the new 64 Bits.... Norton ghost (running in PC-DOS), plant and freeze always when ghost.exe is loaded !

Any idea ?

Is there a software who makes images of 64 bits Servers without trouble ?? :-)


Gaël Anex
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Symantec Live State recovery or Ghost 9.
They both use Windows PE instead of PC DOS.(You can actually use USB drives now)
I would recommend Acronis True Image if Ghost doesn't work.  Ghost has problems with RAID arrays, which is common in servers.
Apparently Norton Ghost 2003 has trbl with 64 bit processors.. You wud wanna try Ghost 9. Also Server 2003 is also known to have problems with GHOST 2003 so an upgrade is in order if u would like to continue with GHOST else u can use Acronis as mentioned above.

Any chance that the hard disk is faulty? try with another blank hard disk and then see if the problem reoccurs. Maybe the way GHOST interacts with 64 bit architecture is indicative of some problem. An upgrade to Ghost 9 is reccomended as a lot of changes have been made to it including decent support for RAID also. You can try a trial versiona nd see if it solves ur purpose.

No probs with Ghost 9 on Opteron 4 processor system during the past year
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