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Hi there,

What i am after would seem straight forward but appears not to be.

What i am after is a folder structure within windows (server 2003) with the permissions set in a way that allows users to change, create, delete FILES but denying the users ability to move, create and delete FOLDERS.

It seems the windows speacial permissions merges the permissions between files and folders. We nearly have it but we are at a point where we just can't delete anything (even the temp files that are created when the file is open).

If someone has this working please can you tell me the exact special permissions selections they have or if they are using a third party software which gives more functionality when adjusting permissions.

It would seem quite a simple request from above but one we are stuck on and the pressue is now on.

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If you pre-create the folder structure then you can prevent them from deleting those folders, yes.  However, if they create folders within your structure they become Creator/Owner of their folder and can delete it at will.

I understand what you want to do, however the only way to successfully do this is by creating a set of template folders and using most of the tweaking you already have done - they cannot delete what they didn't create in your case.

go to security settings and Advanced button then click view/edit tab on the apropriate user or group
there you can see some more options like denying deleting folders but enabling delete files
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