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How do I troubleshoot my printing prblem?

I posed this question a week or two back and I thought I had it licked.  I still can't get my Ultra 60 (Solaris 9) to print to my HP2500cm.

Here are the details(ip of printeris fictional):

I set up my printer like this:

bash-2.05# /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p 2500cm -v /dev/null -o protocol=bsd,dest= -T PS -I postscript -i /usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard
Print services started

bash-2.05# /usr/bin/enable 2500cm
UX:enable: WARNING: Destination "2500cm" was already enabled.

bash-2.05# /usr/sbin/accept 2500cm
UX:accept: WARNING: Destination "2500cm" was already accepting

bash-2.05# lp -d 2500cm test.txt
UX:lp: ERROR: There is no filter to convert the file content.
      TO FIX: Use the lpstat -p -l command to find a
              printer that can handle the file type
              directly, check your filters using lpfilter -f all -l, or
              consult with your system

.... I got the above error so I reconfigured the print services like this:

bash-2.05# lpstat -p -l
printer 2500cm is idle. enabled since Thu Apr 21 14:55:03 2005. available.
        Form mounted:
        Content types: postscript
        Printer types: PS
        Connection: direct
        Interface: /usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard
        PPD: none
        On fault: write to root once
        After fault: continue
        Users allowed:
        Forms allowed:
        Banner required
        Character sets:
        Default pitch:
        Default page size: 80 wide 66 long
        Default port settings:  
        Options: protocol=bsd, dest=, dest=, dest=hostname:raw, timeout=5

bash-2.05# /etc/init.d/lp stop
Print services stopped.
bash-2.05# /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p 2500cm -v /dev/null -o protocol=bsd,dest= -T unknown -I any -i /usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard
Print services started.
bash-2.05# lp -d 2500cm test.txt
request id is 2500cm-6 (1 file(s)

Nothing comes out of the printer

I have confirmed my ip is correct, and other folks can print to this printer.

Any help would be geatly appreciated.



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1 Solution
Traverse-61Author Commented:
Oh yea one more thing.  I install HP Jetdirect with pkgadd but have noi idea how to use it. I don't really care how this gets done ... just as long as i can get this darn thing to work, and forget about printing for a while.
Traverse-61Author Commented:
more status info:

bash-2.05# lpstat -t
scheduler is running
no system default destination
device for 2500cm: /dev/null
2500cm accepting requests since Thu Apr 21 14:32:17 2005
printer 2500cm waiting for auto-retry. available.
        exec exit fault
2500cm-6                root                82   Apr 22 07:22
Traverse-61Author Commented:
More info:

I ran snoop between the ip of the host and the ip of the printer.  I try and print the test.txt document and I get zero traffic in my snoop output.
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use dest= (for textfiles) and dest= for postscript or other documents that are being converted by solaris itself.

When sending Textfiles directly to the :raw-Interface, you will get staircase printing.

Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Please, do NOT use HP JetDirect!

a) Can you ping the printer's IP address?
b) Can you telnet into the printer using it's IP address
c) You have several "dest=..." options in your printer's configuration. Please
    delete the printer with
       lpadmin -x 2500cm
    first. Also, I am not sure if printer names starting with a number are allowed.
    Maybe you should name it hp2500cm or something the like.
d) When installing a postscript printer, you will have to send postscript output to
    it -- or have filters installed to convert to postscript

Good luck!
Traverse-61Author Commented:
Why should I not use JetDirect?   Should I uninstall SOLe134.PKG?

Thanks for your help so far.  Still trying to work this problem in my spare time .

Traverse-61Author Commented:
More info...

ping... ok  telnet .... no problem.  I edtited the /etc/printers.conf and replaced the printer name with the IP of the printer (no DNS or /etc/hosts entry for the printer name).

I tried to print... but I got an error saying I needed a filter so i made one like this:

bash-2.05# lpfilter -f u2d -F /etc/lp/fd/u2d.fd
bash-2.05# lpadmin -p JetDirect -I u2d

bash-2.05# lpfilter -f all -l
(Filter "u2d")
Input types: simple
Output types: u2d
Printer types: any
Printers: any
Filter type: slow
Command: /bin/unix2dos -437

Now I can print test files but if I try to print somthing like an HP openview graph .... I get a bunch of gobledygook.

printing on solaris is admin HELL I tell you!  Please save me!!!! :)

most probably you have been just fine in your setting specified in the question.

Just use


for your "dest"-Parameter. That'll do.

Hanno P.S.IT Consultant and Infrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Printing on Solaris is pretty straight-forward *fg*

- Add the printer as beforementioned (add printer's IP to /etc/hosts):
  # echo "   hp2500cm" >> /etc/hosts
  # lpadmin -p hp2500cm -v /dev/null -o protocol=bsd,dest=hp2500cm -T PS -I postscript -i /usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard
- Having a postscript printer add the filters (easiest method, using sh or ksh syntax) this way:
  # cd /etc/lp/fd
  # for filt in download *post* ; do lpfilter -f `echo $filt | cut -d. -f1` -F $filt ; done

Good luck!
We were having problems with certain HP printers also and found using HP Jetdirect utility solved the problem.

from command prompt type:
# /usr/bin/hppi

choose option "1 - Spooler Administration"
then option "1 - add printer to local spooler"
enter ip address of printer....
at next menu choose "1 - lp destination queue name" if you want to taylor the name to suit
You can choose option 5 (then option 1) if you want to change the model script to use to suit your model of printer although I would try default one first. (if in this menu choose "q" to get back to sub-menu)
Then select 0 to configure.

Might not work for you but could be worth a try!!

Good Luck,
Traverse-61Author Commented:

Got it working.  As always your technical assistance is much appreciated.  Grass-hopper,  Ill give your Jetdirect solution a try sometime... but for now... if it ain't broke... I'm not messin with it :)



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